Monika Toplev The longing and yearning for an extended horizon is satisfied by the encounter of heaven and earth, from an initial compression into a potential infinity.

With a generous, space-determining gesture, a liberal and dynamic stroke of the brush, contrasting colours, and emotionally influenced topics, Monika Toplev follows the tradition of her late husband Nikola Toplev’s paintings, and the technique of acrylic painting on large-size canvasses.

Visual spaces, in a field of tension between abstraction and scenic citations, are emerging at Gallery 40 in Salzburg, Austria – dynamic elements, pressing to the outside, are finding their balance in the centre, the heart of their images.

Daring the attempt, to completely surrender to a moment of silence and to look into the centre, may be an enriching experience and open up new horizons.

Heidemarie Weixler-Unterer

Galerie Toplev

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